BOHEZ, Mechatronics

  Mechatronics is a hypo gram of Mechanics and Electronics, which explains a lot. It is a fusion of 2 technologies allowing optimized design for every drive. Mr. Tetsuro Mori, a Japanese engineer used this term for the first time in1969 meaning a electro mechanic system or “control and automation engineering”.

Examples of such mechatronic products are in nearly every corner like ABS systems in cars or bikes, drive mechanism of CD and DVD players, home-automation but also graphical machines like scanners, Xerox-machines en printing machines.
The medical industry has also found the advantage of this technology by using them to help people extend life expectancy or life quality. Device such as laboratory equipment, dialysis equipment, radio therapy devices, surgery and rehabilitation systems.

Industrial automation like robotics, conveyors, packaging machines, assembly tools, control and measuring equipment.

Mechatronics can be used in every domain where you need to automate manipulation or have remote control.


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