BOHEZ Concept & Support Inc.

  BOHEZ [bohe:] Concept & Support Inc. holds more than 26 years of experience in electrical drives and mechatronics and specialises in a power range between 0,1 to 350 Watt. Besides the knowledge of electrical drives, BOHEZ has gathered experience in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. This enables a wide angle approach reach for your solution. The 4 main areas of BOHEZ are: Mechatronics, Components, Solutions and projects.


You can simply add a large amount of drive technology competences to your R&D department by selecting the services of BOHEZ. An inventory of the specifications relevant to your project is made and translated in a specification sheet. Bases on this document, BOHEZ will consult you an adapted solution and design.

Early involvement is a key of success to your project, but of course, you can integrate de services of BOHEZ at any other moment.


BOHEZ supplies prototypes and fulfils a logistic role in supply chain of your final drive to the production chain.
Process, Procedure and Output are controlled by BOHEZ at any moment.
An extended network of specialists is at your disposal for any necessary competence for the design of your electronic or mechanical components, software development, production technology and quality management.

The baseline "Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You" has been selected with a purpose. It explains the philosophy on how BOHEZ brings you the right amount of added value. No more, no less. You can keep your focus on your core activity.

BOHEZ concept & support also thinks in terms of your general business. Financial ratios, company data, commercial feasibility, confidentiality and long term vision are just a selection of the many areas considered in every project.

BOHEZ invested an important amount of money in its infrastructure to guarantee a safe and efficient communication.



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