Why Crouzet engaged business with BOHEZ...

"Crouzet was looking for a specialist in small electrical transmissions to be a distributor for our range of Brushless DC-motors, a key product of the CST organisation. After some reasearch in the market we came to Jean-François BOHEZ, an ex-competitor who just started a new company. The choice was obvious for us. He realy knows what a motor can and cannot do.His 15+ years experience makes him the ideal candidate to carry Crouzet BLDC-motors. For him it is also an opportunity to realise his goals but for us it is a full scale win-win situation. "



Why SPG engaged business with BOHEZ...

"The founder of BOHEZ concept & support is a existing relation of SPG for more than 6 years now. At the first time we met, he convinced us with his approach of working with SPG. It was a logical step for us to engage business with him, the time he started his new company. Every project has an A+ class preparation so we at SPG can understand the type of application. This gives us the opportunity the give the best possible solution." said Sami Jokinen, Export manager at SPG Europe.

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